Kappa with Spicy Chilli Chutney

Tapioca: 3-4 lbs
  • Remove skin and cut into bit size pieces and wash throughly
  • Boil it in enough water
  • When its 3/4 done add enough salt to the water
  • Remove from the heat and drain excess water and keep it aside

    Spicy Chilli Chutney
    Cayenne Pepper: 4 (My parents had this in their vegetable garden, so I picked this fresh from their garden :) )
    Cherry-Bomb Pepper: 2
    Shallots: 12
    Garlic: 1 clove
    Vinegar: 1/2 tsp
    Curry Leaves: 4-5 torn into small pieces
    Salt: Enough
    Coconut Oil: 1.5 Tbsp
    Vegetable Oil: 1 tsp

    • In a food processor add cayenne pepper, cherry bomb pepper, shallots, and garlic and process it till they are blended well 
    • Add coconut oil, vinegar, curry leaves, and salt and mix well. Let is it for 5 minutes
    • Before you serve with tapioca add vegetable oil, mix well 
    • Enjoy with warm kappa!!! :)


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