Thalaserry Biriyani

Thalasheri Biriyani:

I am a hugeeee fan of biriyani. When I go to Kerala if I could have biriyani for breakfast, lunch, and dinner I will be more than happy. I’ve never tried Thalasheri biriyani before. I came across Suja’s Thalasheri biriyani recipe one day and I couldn’t just stop drooling looking at the picture. I want to thank Suja for sharing the recipe with us. My first attempt to this dish came out well. Mom & Dad fell in love with this dish. I’ve made only very few changes to Suja’s original recipe. Please give this dish a try.

For Rice:
Basmati Rice: 3 cups
Salt: 1 Tbsp
Turmeric: ½ tsp
Ghee: 1 tsp
Cloves: 6
Cinnamon: 2” stick
Cardamom: 6
Star Anise: 3
Bay leaf: 3
Whole Black Pepper: 1 tsp
Rose Water: 2 tsp
Mint: Handful, chopped
Water: 6 cups

For the Masala:
Chicken: 4 lbs
Ghee 2 Tbsp
Onion: 2, thinly sliced
Ginger-Garlic Paste: 1 Tbsp
Tomato: 2 large, diced
Green Chili: 5, diced
Lemon Juice: 1 Tbsp
Mint: Handful, chopped
Cilantro: Handful, chopped

Biriyani Masala: (I fell in love with this masala, Thank you Suja!!)
Cinnamon: 2” stick
Cloves: 10
Cardomom: 6
Fennel Seeds: 2 tsp
Whole Pepper: 2.5 tsp
Mace: 4-5
Nutmeg: ½ a nutmeg
Star Anise: 4
Cumin: 1 tsp

To Garnish:
Cashews & Raisins: ¼ cup
Mint leaves: Few

Dry roast ingredients under briyani masala for few minutes. Make sure you don’t burn the ingredients
Let it cool and make a fine powder with the ingredients
Wash and soak the rice for about 15 minutes and set aside
Boil water in a thick bottomed pot and add salt, ghee, turmeric, star anise, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, cloves, rose water, whole pepper, mint leaves, and rice
Stir occasionally
Switch off flame when rice is 3/4th done
Drain and set it aside
In a pan heat 1Tbsp of ghee and fry cashews and raisins and set aside
Add rest of the ghee and sauté onion till its golden brown
Add tomatoes, ginger-garlic paste, green chilies, and let it cook for few minutes
Add biriyani masala and mix well with the onion-tomato mixture and let it cook for about 5 minutes in medium heat
Add chicken pieces, lemon juice, mint, and cilantro along with little salt and cook it covered until chicken is 3/4th done (No need to add water)
In an oven safe pan layer chicken and rice and garnish with cashews, raisins, and chopped mint leaves and cover the pan tightly with a lid
Preheat the oven to 350 degree F
Place the covered pan in the oven and let it cook for about 20 minutes
Serve hot with pickle, papadam, and raita


  1. Oh, this is so delicious and tempting! My family and I lived in India for 5 years and we all love Indian food. I'm Sicilian but we're in Rome for the holidays now so when I go back to Sicily I will try your recipe. It's making me so nostalgic for India. I'm following you immediately!

  2. Biryani, for that matter any kind, is my favorite rice dish. Having grown up in a family where we make biryani for every occasion, it's kinda comfort food to me. Yours look so delicious, ah!

  3. Adipoli biryan,..yours looks super delicious
    Thanks for trying dear,you made my day..hugs

  4. lovely site following you too
    delicious looking flavourful biryani

  5. Carinissimo il tuo blog,complimenti!!;-)
    Un bacio

  6. Anytime I love this..looks so so yumm!!

  7. Biryani looks flavorful and delicious.

  8. Superb Yaar Yummy....Mhhh...........!!!

  9. Very flavorful Biriyani..I could smell the flavors, looks relish..
    First time here, you have a lovely space
    Visit my space too
    Erivum. Puliyum


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